Increasing transparency

Tobias plans to increase transparency by making information about how investment decisions are made publicly available online. 

Reducing inefficiency and waste

Read plans to reduce inefficiency and waste in the management of taxpayer funds. He believes that the State Treasurer should focus on carefully managing State investments to maximize profits, reduce costs to taxpayers, and ensure reliable funding for State services. 

helping oregonians save for college and retirement

Unfortunately, saving for college and retirement is out of reach for too many Oregonians. As Treasurer, Read will expand access to the Oregon College Savings Plan, and implement the bill he passed to give every Oregonian access to a retirement savings plan through their workplace. 

Fixing our roads and bridges

Our roads and bridges are crumbling and need serious repairs that will work in the long run. Read will make fixing our roads and bridges a priority, by re-focusing Oregon on making long-overdue investments in infrastructure, creating jobs and building things that will last. 

Saving the state pension system billions

Read has a financial reform plan that would save the State pension system billions by slashing Wall Street fees and bringing some of Oregon's investments in-house. By bringing some of those functions back to Oregon, we can earn money to fill the pensions gap, modernize our investment programs, and improve oversight and accountability. 

Classrooms throughout the State are in dire need of basic repairs like removing lead and asbestos. As State Treasurer, Read will work to increase investment in the voter-approved K-12 Capital Matching Fund, bringing local communities and the State together to upgrade school buildings and classrooms, ensuring our children and grandchildren have safe, secure, and healthy places to learn. 

repairing our classrooms